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Children and Fluoride

January 9, 2017

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One of the most common questions asked by parents regarding the health of their children is what can be done to help their kids have better oral health. While it’d be nice to be able to help them brush and floss every day, that’s just not always possible. In those instances, children aren’t known for being vigilant with their oral health.

That’s why we recommend using fluoride to help maintain a good oral health level.

Why fluoride?

Fluoride is a natural substance proven over time to aid in cavity prevention and gum health, though it’s most effective on children. Fluoride in the form of supplements, tablets, or even in toothpaste, can do a lot to help preserve the oral health of your children.

What does it do?

Specifically, fluoride is able to restore the enamel of your teeth. Our everyday diets contain food and drink that erode enamel – the outermost layer of our teeth that protect them from decay – and adding fluoride to your diet ensures that your enamel stays in great shape.

Is it safe?

Fluoride is an approved supplement by the American Dental Association, and can do wonders to help improve the oral health of your children.

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