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The Importance of Taking Your Child to a Pediatric Dentist

December 5, 2017

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little girl with big teethYou love all your child’s smiles. You adore the grin of pure joy that comes when your child accomplishes something, and you can’t help but laugh when you see the mischievous little smirk that accompanies your little one’s shenanigans. However, those smiles might suffer if you aren’t diligent about helping your child take care of their oral health. One way you can do so is by making sure that you schedule regular visits to your pediatric dentist for your precious little boy or girl. Here are a few reasons why professional dental care is so vital for youngsters:

It Instills Good Habits

You might take it for granted that your child understands the importance of brushing and flossing, but do they really? A dentist can help to educate your child about the consequences of bad habits and the rewards of good ones. Plus, if your child sucks their thumb or does anything else that could endanger their oral health, a dentist may be able to offer suggestions on how to help them stop.

Going to the dentist is in itself a good habit. When it is your family’s custom to go in for cleanings and checkups every six months, that is something that your child may very well carry with them into adulthood.

It Saves Your Child from Pain and Suffering

Some parents reason that caring for primary (baby) teeth isn’t that important since they fall out eventually anyway — don’t fall into that trap! Looking after those little pearly whites is essential for a couple of reasons:

  • They help your child to speak and eat normally.
  • They serve as placeholders for adult teeth. If primary teeth fall out too early, the ones that follow may come in crooked and lead to the need for an orthodontic treatment.
  • Tooth decay leads to pain, no matter whether it is in a primary tooth or an adult one.
  • Dental x-rays and other diagnostic techniques can pinpoint problems before they become severe and lead to the need for major dental work.

It Helps Your Child Develop a Positive View of Dentistry

How do you feel when it’s time to sit in that big chair at your dentist’s office? Are you a little apprehensive even though you know that your dentist is looking out for your best interests? Many adults suffer from dentophobia, but you may be able to save your child from that fate if you are careful to make sure they receive compassionate, preventive care from an early age. They can learn to enjoy their visits to the dentist and look forward to that clean-mouth feeling that comes after a routine appointment.

Your local pediatric dentist can be one of your best friends when it comes to looking after your child’s well-being!

About Safari Dental and Orthodontics

We love to work with folks of all ages, including infants and children. In fact, we have a board-certified pediatric dentist on staff, Dr. Nieku Manshadi, who is qualified to care for the unique oral healthcare needs of young patients. If it’s time for your little one’s next appointment, please contact our office at 979-985-3093.