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Terrific Teething Tips, Tricks, Tactics, Techniques, and Tools

June 29, 2017

When our teeth erupt above our gum lines, it results in a painful process known as teething. Never take a break from ensuring your child’s well-being is well taken care of, including their smile. Listed below are a few terrific tips, tricks, tactics, techniques, and tools to treat toddlers who are teething:

– When your child begins showing symptoms of teething, it may be causing them discomfort that should be treated immediately. This can include changes in appetite or sleep patterns or changes in their overall levels of fussiness. An increase in drool levels or the constant desire to bite something can also be signs that your child is teething.
– If you are looking for safe and effective products to use to help your child deal with the pain and discomfort of teething, try using products designed for teething including teething rings. Avoid teething tablets for children under 2. Instead, small spoons and gauze pads are also acceptable treatment tools.
– When your child begins to show signs of teeth, they may begin showing signs of teething.
– If your child begins to run a fever or has rashes that cannot be explained, they will need to be treated as soon as possible.

Don’t delay in visiting our team at Safari Dental to check if your child is suffering from teething. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Manshadi and Dustin, and our team at our pediatric office in Bryan, Texas, please call us at (979) 985-3093. Visit us today, and enjoy the summer with a smile!