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Ways to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

July 28, 2017

Baby’s primary source of food is through a bottle, nevertheless, when and what you give your baby can affect their dental health. Even though they have baby teeth that will fall out, it is still important to take care of their teeth, to ready them for permanent, adult teeth.

There are several factors, which can tie into baby bottle tooth decay, but the main one is the amount of time a bottle is allowed in the child’s mouth. For example, many babies like the comfort of a pacifier or a bottle to lay down with, but unless it is water, the sugar can stay on the baby’s teeth, resulting in decay. Also, if the mother’s own saliva comes into contact with their teeth, bacteria can also result in decay.

There are, however, many things a parent or caregiver can do to help prevent baby bottle tooth decay in Bryan, Texas. Besides putting down a baby without a bottle, these helpful tips are important to remember:

Giving a clean pacifier to the baby, without anything on it, such as sugar or syrup
Starting your child drinking from a cup by their first birthday
Be careful about passing on bacteria from your own mouth
Giving a bottle with only milk, formula, or breast milk
Supervising brushing until your child can be counted on to spit and not swallow toothpaste
Swabbing the baby’s gums with a clean washcloth or small piece of gauze
Taking the bottle after feeding and before putting baby down for bed

If you follow these steps, you are well on your way to preventing baby bottle tooth decay. We welcome you to contact the dentist, Dr. Manshadi, and Dustin, at Safari Dental, with any questions or concerns. We can be reached at (979) 985-3093.