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Your Summer Smile Depends on Optimum Oral Health

May 30, 2017

Your summer smile depends on optimum oral health. Your oral health care can benefit from extra treatments beyond brushing and flossing. Studies have shown that by chewing sugarless gum for a period of roughly 20 minutes, preferably after eating, it can create saliva and help neutralize acids and protect your teeth from cavities. For more sensational benefits that chewing sugarless gum can offer, see the list below:

– For an alternative dental cleaning product, try using sugarless gum to help wash away food debris and bacteria from your teeth and gums.

– If you suffer from heartburn and heartburn-related effects, try chewing sugarless gum to help prevent the disorder or neutralize its effects on your teeth and gums.

– If you notice any irregular or abnormal signs of pain or discomfort when chewing gum, stop immediately and visit your dentist, as you may have an underlying condition such as a TMJ disorder.

– Brushing after meals is a bad idea because teeth are typically extra sensitive at this time and abrasive toothpaste may harm your tooth enamel. Instead, try chewing sugarless gum to safely and effectively clean your teeth.

Poor oral health can be treated with the help of our licensed professionals at Safari Dental. To book an appointment with one of our experienced dentists, Dr. Nieku Manshadi and Dr. Roden-Johnson, in Bryan, Texas, please contact us at (979) 985-3093. Don’t let TMJ pain hold you back any longer. Save your smile with our help today!