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Medicaid Accepted

When it comes to raising a healthy and happy child, quality dental care is truly an essential part of that design, and Safari Dental believes that your son or daughter should have access to it no matter how much money their family makes. That’s why we’re glad to welcome in patients with Medicaid and CHIP! By seeing these special children on a regular basis, we can instill in them the enduring power of preventive care and address any painful damage or tooth decay they’re facing too.

Giving our youngest patients plenty of reasons to smile means the world to our doctors and team members! To get started with an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact our Bryan, TX location today.

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a program that the United States government funds in order to provide health and dental coverage to millions of low-income Americans. Many people incorrectly believe that Medicaid is only for medical issues, but it includes dental benefits as well for children!

While children are the primary benefactors of Medicaid, some adults may qualify for support as well, including pregnant women, people who care for children, and the disabled. However, keep in mind that any provided dental coverage will vary for adults.

How Does Dental Medicaid Work?

Parents should apply for Medicaid in the state where they live, and while options will vary from state to state, you can expect to be able to do so online, by telephone, or at locations in the community. Your local agency will refer you to a Medicaid provider (like Safari Dental) on a geographic basis, but you do not have to visit that provider if you’d prefer to entrust your child’s oral health to another like-minded practice.

Additionally, Medicaid coverage does require that children attend periodic checkups in order to maintain their available benefits. While specific benefits will vary, dental restoration, relief from pain and infections, and general maintenance are always included.

Alternatively, CHIP coverage may be arranged for children whose family income is above Medicaid levels but is still not sufficient enough for parents to afford alternative health insurance. The guidelines for acceptance include age, annual income, and family size. This program is generally required to cover services that are necessary to prevent disease and promote good oral health, as well as restore oral health structures and treat any conditions that are considered true emergencies.

Can You Help Me Figure Out My Medicaid Coverage?

Of course! At Safari Dental here in Bryan, Randi is our resident expert in all things finances, insurance, and Medicaid. She’ll be happy to help you work through you or your child’s specific coverage in order to determine what types of treatment options should be covered and what might not be. Additionally, our practice offers convenient payments and low-interest financing through CareCredit that can also help defer some of the cost and make the process that much more affordable for your family. We can’t wait to see your son or daughter’s happy smile after they’ve spent an appointment with our friendly team!