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Orthodontics in Bryan Can Transform Your Oral Health and Happiness

Aniamted zebra wearing sunglassesAre you looking for a solution to your crooked teeth? Do you feel self-conscious when you see noticeable gaps in the mirror? Is your son or daughter being teased about these same issues at school? At Safari Dental, our College Station team is here to help with a variety of quality orthodontic solutions that are perfect for patients ages 7 to 70. With a board-certified orthodontist on staff, you can trust in our enjoyable and reliable approach to your care. Plus, we’ll work with you to determine your treatment priorities so that the path you eventually select is a great fit for you or your child! Contact our Bryan, TX practice today to get started on the journey of a lifetime, or if you have any questions we can answer for you.

Traditional Braces

Preteen girl with traditional braces

When you try to picture orthodontic treatment, traditional braces with their metal wires and silver brackets typically come to mind. This service has stood the test of time, helping patients of all ages with significant smile problems improve their appearance and their oral health to boot. Our practice also offers plenty of fun rubber band colors that your son or daughter can pick from to showcase their special personality!

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Clear/Ceramic Braces

Woman with gorgeous smile

If you’re ready to improve your smile with braces but not quite willing to wear a mouthful of noticeable metal for months or years on end, clear braces are an excellent, appearance-friendly alternative. The components are either clear or tooth-colored in nature, which means they’ll blend in nicely with your tooth enamel as you go about your everyday routine.

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Invislaing aligner

For professional and polished adults, Invisalign may be the best way to straighten your teeth in a virtually unnoticeable fashion. Instead of the original wire-and-bracket model, the Invisalign system relies on a set of clear, comfortable aligners that are custom-made for your unique teeth. As you wear each aligner, your teeth will be gradually shifted so as to correct issues like overbites, crossbites, overcrowded teeth, and more.

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Invisalign® Teen

Man with straight healthy teeth

Thankfully, Invisalign treatment isn’t just limited to adults here at Safari Dental! A new subset, Invisalign Teen, is available for your image-conscious son or daughter whose high school activities would be hindered by clunky metal braces. Invisalign aligners are attractive, comfortable, and easily removable. This means our younger patients can continue to eat their favorite foods, follow their normal oral hygiene routines, and play instruments without worry.

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Vivera Retainers

Dentist placing aligner

After undergoing orthodontic treatment, the last thing our patients want is for their teeth to revert to their original, troubled positions. Here in Bryan, our team offers high-quality Vivera Retainers that do a great job of maintaining the beautiful results of your care over the years. With several options available, we can select the one that best fits your smile’s needs and can be worn in a comfortable, effective manner.

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